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Welcome to the SEAS Oracle!

The SEAS Oracle has a vast amount of information about academics here at the Fu Foundation School of engineering and Applied Science. This site contains the largest compilation of Columbia Course/ Professor information. You’ll learn useful and interesting facts about professors and courses, including background, research, education and more. You’ll also see the results of those course evaluations you fill out every semester.

Course Evaluations are used to improve the quality of education at universities across the nation and worldwide. Although the evaluations do not always reflect on courses and their professors accurately, they are still a necessary measure of quality and needed improvement. The Oracle can assist students in their selection of classes.

This year we took last year's constructive feedback to heart and have worked to further improve this service to students and faculty. We have designed, constructed and implemented a database that will store information for each year by semester. Therefore, students and faculty will be able to view evaluation data semester to semester. This gives faculty and students a better picture of the class and the abilities of the professors.

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