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System Overview

The Web-Based Course Evaluation System (WCES) seeks to give students greater ease and peace of mind in evaluating their classes while allowing for greater flexibility and data integrity from the perspective of the evaluations' administrators. The course feedback gathered through this mechanism should be useful for professors and students alike.


WCES securely stores student class evaluations. Student user names are not associated with individual class evaluations. The system is set up so that it is not possible for an administrator or professor to find out what responses were entered by a particular student. Responses are completely anonymous because student responses are kept separately from student user names.

Student user names are, however, used to make sure that every student evaluates his or her own classes, and does it only once per class. Also, if a student enters something other than his or her user name, the administrator of the system may be notified. This is the only occasion where student input is checked, and the student will be identified to the system administrator in the case of incorrect input. All other data entered by student is completely anonymous and impossible to track by the system administrator. Therefore feel free to evaluate your classes honestly and candidly!